A critical component to Guyana Goldfields’ success was implementing a robust and reliable logistics plan and constructing the necessary infrastructure in order to facilitate a full-time operation. The Aurora Gold Mine and Aranka Property are fully accessible by a 170-km long, all-weather access road and an on-site airstrip. Overall, the offsite infrastructure includes docking facilities for cargo ships at the Buckhall Port facility on the west side of the Essequibo River. The mine access road is 150 km in length from Buckhall Port facility to the Aurora Mine site. Equipment and supplies are transported along the access road and personnel are flown in and out of the Aurora Gold Mine camp.

The site entails a series of open pits, waste rock stockpiles, a process facility with associated laboratory and maintenance facilities; maintenance buildings for underground and open pit equipment. Facilities and structures include a warehouse, office, change house facilities, ventilation shaft, mine air cooling process facility, explosives storage area, power generating station, fuel storage tanks, a warehouse and laydown area, a 1,200m airstrip, and a permanent accommodation complex. The open pit area is protected from potential flooding of the Cuyuni River by two river dikes.

Areas for the tailings management, fresh water, and mine water management ponds are provided by several dams at low topographic points. These ponds, and all except one of the waste rock stockpiles, are on the west side of the process facility, away from the accommodation complex. Additional waste is located to the north of the process facility, also away from the accommodation complex.

Guyana Goldfields is currently utilizing diesel fuel oil power generation at the Aurora Gold Mine. The power plant consists of eight 1.8 MW generators for a total installed generating capacity of 14.4 MW, based on an N+2 operational philosophy (with 100% power plant availability), whereby six generators are operating and two on standby with actual power demand of 8.4 MW.