Guyana Goldfields' policy is that "CSR begins at home". CSR begins with how we treat our employees and some of the activities that we have developed are:

  • Health and Life Group Insurance Plans
  • HIV Testing and Counseling Visits
  • Financial and Well-being Symposium
  • Launching of internal quarterly newsletter "The Prospect"
  • Camp Social Recreation Support
  • Employee Grievance Procedures
  • Employee Betterment Programs (Remedial Classes on site, currently in the works)
  • Formal Employee Training Programs
  • Employee Appreciation Awards
  • Vocational and Special Skills Training
  • Sunday Barbeques

The Company employs 96% Guyanese nationals. Approximately 10% of its employees are women, including supervisors and heavy equipment operators.


The Company's Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategy encompasses these main areas: