Creating Sustainable Development

Since inception, we have built partnerships with our stakeholders to develop opportunities that will endure beyond the life of our operations.

Local & National Initiatives

The Aurora Mine is the single largest foreign direct investment in Guyana’s history. Since the inception of exploration activities in the early 1990’s, the Company has been a responsible corporate citizen, working with local communities, maximizing local employment, and maximizing the procurement of Guyanese goods and services to promote sustainable development within Guyana.

Economic Statistics (US$)
2016 2017 2018
Total Expenditure Since
Commercial Production
(Jan1, 2016 - April 30, 2018)
Royalty payments to Government $    15.48 M $    15.91 M $    4.85 M $    36.24 M
Local procurements ($'s)* $    48.9 M $    45.47 M $    15.16 M $    109.52 M
Local employment- payroll ($'s)* $    10,730,063 $    14,063,796 $    4,534,961 $    29,328,820
Public road maintenance (interior)        928,145        1,415,813        390,660        2,734,618
Government agencies        305,145        677,428        225,809        1,208,382
Corporate taxes       -       -       -       -
Local content - Sub-total        76,342,570        77,535,878        25,157,675        179,036,123
Other Operating expenses $     55,871,430 $     64,363,122 $     18,383,325 $     138,617,877
Local Procurements (# of business' supported)        250        >250
AGM Employees (Direct)        625        660        746        -
Contractors        71        82        254        -
Total direct and contract local employment        696        742        1000        -
* note that the government of Guyana receives taxes on earnings by employees and taxes on earnings by business' which have not been included

Community Relations

Proactive, healthy interaction with the communities impacted by the Company's operations is an important part of the long-term investment strategy for Guyana.

The Company recognizes that it is important to:

  • Communicate and interact proactively with any community that may be affected by its operations,
  • Inform and obtain information with any stakeholders that may be impacted by its operations.

The Company works closely with local Government authorities, other elected parties, non-governmental organizations, and various communities in order to ensure transparency regarding the Company's activities and maximize potential benefits while minimizing any adverse community impacts.

Medical Health Community Outreach

Medical Health Community Outreach

Some of the activities that we developed are:

  • National Library Support
  • Erection of Monument of Hope in Bartica
  • Amerindian Heritage Month Support
  • Indian Arrival Day and African Emancipation Day support
  • Fire Prevention Week Fund
  • Guyana Relief Council Support
  • Community Company Information Sessions
  • Community Development Initiatives
  • Annual GUY$20 Million Children Needs and Development Initiative

The company has implemented a stakeholder engagement program and has subsequently supported a number of development initiatives with selected communities in Guyana.

In order to engage with our communities and stakeholders, The Company holds a number of public information sessions each year in three main regions of Guyana: Region 3, Region 4 and Region 7. Region 4 is where the capital of Georgetown is located which is the seat of government and the largest population center. Region 3 is adjacent to the west and also heavily populated. Region 7 in the far west of Guyana is generally very unpopulated. The primary inhabitants are transient, small scale miners and is largely unpopulated but is the location of the Aurora Mine site. Region 7 is also one of the main mining districts. Due to the lack of communities and transient nature of the small scale miners, it is a challenge to engage in development initiatives in most of Region 7. However, in the eastern edge of Region 7 along the Essequibo River, there are several small communities. The Company’s Buckhall port site is located along the Essequibo River, near to several small communities. The Company regularly engages with these riverine communities and has created a community committee group to enhance our engagement. This group consists of two representatives from three of the riverine communities near to Buckhall. This community committee group meets on a quarterly to relay information about the Company and to provide an opportunity for these community representatives to discuss their issues and needs, which have served as the basis for jointly identifying development initiatives. Examples of development initiatives include: Medical Health Outreach, IT Learning Centre, Playground Development, Community Centre Development, Adult Literacy Program, Sporting Activity Support, and School Support.

Featured Initiatives

Children’s Need and Development Initiative

Organization Recipients and CSR Manager at Handover Ceremony

Organization Recipients and CSR Manager at Handover Ceremony

This initiative takes place annually, where $20,000,000 GUY is allocated to various NGO’s and Community Service Organizations.

Organizations that have received support are: Help and Shelter, Joshua House, Red Cross Convalescent Home, The Ruimveldt Children’s Centre, Saraswata Vidya Niketan (SVN), COLAACO Education Centre, and Step by Step Foundation (Autistic School).

Opportunities for Women Forum

Breakout session at the Forum

Breakout session at the Forum

This informational forum was created to spread knowledge regarding opportunities for women in the mining sector, through employment or as an entrepreneur.

The Company was aware that women working in the mining sector were often stigmatized as prostitutes in Guyana as this was historical reality. At the forum, some of the Company’s female employees and vendors discussed their experiences in the mining sector in order to encourage more women to pursue such opportunities.


School Image
  • Primary School Provision of School Equipment (Books, Science Tools, Computer)
  • University of Guyana Geology Student Internship
  • RETOOL Project with CUSO International

    This collaborative initiative between the Company and CUSO International is scheduled to take place at the Linden Technical Institute (LTI) in the fall of 2016. This program will focus on capacity building in Health and Safety with LTI students.

Educational Initiatives

This program was developed to provide practical mine experience for students of the Geology Department at the University of Guyana. Six (6) students were provided with the opportunity to take part in this internship at the Company. The Company is expecting to have this be an annual internship.

Small and Medium sized Businesses/Suppliers Enhancement Program

As the scope of the Company’s activities have grown over the years, a number of suppliers have grown their businesses as a result. Once the Company entered into the construction and operation phases beginning in 2014, a number of requirements and guidelines were created to inform suppliers and ensure quality and supply reliability. As a way to communicate these requirements to existing suppliers as well as the procedures for becoming a new supplier, the Company held a business suppliers forum in 2014 prior to the onset of full construction.

Suppliers Image


At the forum, representatives from the various company purchasing departments presented the importance of high and consistent quality product such as food products as well as the local legal requirements. The Guyana Revenue Authority also attended to present their guidelines, and several local banks provided information on their business loan practices.

The Company maintains a database of suppliers which continues to expand. Development programs to aid our small business suppliers in a variety of aspects are being sought via the Government’s Small Business Bureau. The Company’s goal is to create sustainable business enterprises that will grow in the future and that are not reliant on the Company alone.

Community & Environmental Grievance Redress Mechanism

The Company is committed to providing opportunities for resolution of community and environmental grievances. The community and environmental grievance procedure was created to provide a portal for any Guyanese citizen to lodge a grievance in an anonymous manner and ensure resolution of grievances. It should be noted that very few grievances have been received since the program was implemented in 2013, at least in part due to the lack of population centers proximal to the Company’s operations.


The Company's Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategy encompasses these main areas: