Our Responsibility

We are committed to sustainable development and our long-term success is connected to our ability to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We are committed to proactive and sustainable health, safety, environmental management, and community best practices.

Local & National Initiatives

The Company has followed the International Finance Corporation’s (“IFC”) environmental, social, and health and safety policies since March 2006 when IFC became an equity investor and partner. These standards include the applicable Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability (2006/2012) and the General and Mining Environmental Health and Safety (ESH) Guidelines.

In 2014, the Company was approved for a loan to construct the Aurora Mine by a consortium of lenders including the IFC and other Equator Principle Banks. Prior to loan approval, there was extensive due diligence conducted by several international consultants that examined all aspects of the Aurora Mine including environmental, social, technical, safety and health aspects as well as ore resources, the engineering of the feasibility study, and the overall Aurora Mine plan.

Sustainability Highlights


Of workforce are Guyanese nationals


Reportable environmental incidents


  1. Build on international best practices for exploration and mining.
  2. Employ environmental standards as mandated by the Guyana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  3. Implement health and safety best practices.
  4. Comply with all World Bank Group (IFC) policies.
  5. Establish and implement appropriate communication and consultation procedures with all stakeholders.
  6. Assist in the development of sustainable local policies and procedures to minimize the impact of exploration and mining on the natural landscape and local communities.

These policies will serve to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the communities and natural resources, including wildlife that may reside in the area where exploration and possible subsequent mining may occur.

The above principles will also apply with respect to the approach to health and safety for all employees and those individuals, communities, and companies that may become involved with or affected by the planned exploration program, and all subsequent evaluation and mining programs.

Appropriate community liaison, disclosure and interaction will be undertaken at all stages by Guyana Goldfields. The level of consultation and disclosure will increase with the increased scale of activities.

The Company recognizes that conditions in the rain-forest of Guyana may have high biodiversity value and consequently the Company will strive to ensure that sound practices are followed at all times.


The Company's Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategy encompasses these main areas: